Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Have you looked at Uncle Sam lately?

Are you struggling to keep your business afloat? Do you sit and contemplate on what’s coming next? You’ve brainstormed, you’ve focused grouped ad infinitum, and you’ve employed all the test-and-learn strategies your team can envision. Yet you have a strong suspicion that these are all short-term non-sustainable tactics and measures. You’ll need to do it again next week and next month and next year. How do you break through in this shark infested marketplace, you ask? The obvious answer is you forgot to brand, and it may be too late for you to start now. Ok, I don’t mean you specifically, I mean your company did not understand or focus on building a market-bursting sustainable brand name and image. The tribe has already rendered its verdict. You are who they say you are! OK, fine, that’s water under the bridge. You did not start it and you do not have the power to change it. You just want to keep your job and get paid.
Marketing Commentator thinks you should look again at your customer definition. If you’ve maxed out on your defined milieu, and I imagine you’re getting a substantial share of cartera billetera already, you may be neglecting one major source of new prospects. The government! Yes, Uncle Sam, that who! From Local to Municipal, to County to State to Federal! You have gazillion agencies, printing regulations, procuring equipment, sending out all sorts of information for you to meet all the changing compliance standards as legislators continue to recreate the world. At least they think they can! This means they use paper, they print stuff, and they use production facilities, they need more lawyers, more accountants, and contractors, and so on! They’re big on uniforms; they love badges, awards and presentations. They have snack machines in every office! Get it? Whatever you’re in, product or service, Uncle Sam consumes, except on a very grand scale. You just got to think a little.
Redefine yourself and give Uncle Sam a second look, and you may have just discovered a gold mine. Payment rate is guaranteed with zero bad debt rates, and for almost all cases, if you do a good job you can have that business and even expand year after year. Marketing Commentator suggests this would give you a true recurring revenue stream!


  1. excellent point.....I like the slightly outside the box thinking!

  2. That is a great idea. I can see the company that I am a inventory consultant for able to benefit from this idea. Thanks. I will suggest it and I suppose I will give you the credit. Looking forward to your next blog!

  3. Debby, thanks for the comment. Feel free to pass this along to the powers that be in your company, and keep Marketing Commentator updated on your progress.